About Nirosha

Nirosha wears many hats. Some of them include;

User Experience Designer
UX Design is not just designing a nice visual at the end. It also requires much focus on human-computer interaction, human behaviors, psychology and understanding why people do what they do. In this role, Nirosha works as a Senior UX Designer and carry out duties such as gathering UI requirements, researching, identifying demographics, specifying non-functional requirements, wireframes, UI architecture, contextual design and laying out storyboards.
UI Developer/ Interaction Designer/ Technical Designer
Nirosha’s greatest strength in software development is the deep understanding of both design and development (strengths/ limitations of technologies). He is well capable of emerging these 2 ends in a highly productive manner so that the fellow team members can easily interact with code. He drives the flat design to a highly usable and accessible product by improving & applying Usability Engineering techniques..
UI Tech Lead
In this role, Nirosha is responsible for all the UI elements/ artifacts and carrying out duties such as, R&D on new technologies and methodologies, specifying UI architecture for particular projects, training and mentoring other UI Developers, allocating resources and time monitoring, guiding team members and application developers in terms of interacting with UI code in the easiest way to achieve common goals, setting priorities, brainstorming sessions, conducting learning sessions and driving pilot applications.
Usability Specialist
This is very much a research-led role. Nirosha ensures that the interactive media product meets the requirements of its' intended audience as per Web Accessibility Standards and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. This includes a lot of analytical skills, technical skills, people skills, planning, facilitating usability testing and creation of prototypes.
As a Freelancer, Nirosha helps organizations to solve their business challenges, marketing strategies, branding strategies from paper based to media to touch-less Kinnect applications. He is an expert in SharePoint Branding, development of interfaces for web applications, portals, intranet applications, public facing web sites, mobile applications, responsive web UI, surface applications and Kinnect applications.

Case Studies

In one word….Nirosha is a legend

He is an excellent team member with always positive thinking and good relationship with the rest of the team members. He is highly responsible about his assignments, delivers with a high degree of quality and is always willing to contribute for the development and growth of the organization.

- Bandu Biyanwila
Nirosha was one of the best designer I had in my team

Nirosha was one of the best designer I had in my team with excellent technical skills. A fast learner in technology with the right attitudes towards completing work on time with expected quality. Very well experienced in Flash, Flash AS2.0/AS3.0, MOSS 2007, Silverlight, WPF. - Feel free to contact me if anyone requires any recommendation about Nirosha.

- Dhanuka Hirantha
Nirosha proved himself to be a talented UI designer

Nirosha proved himself to be a talented UI designer during his time with Navantis. I had the opportunity to work with him on a number of occasions and he always delivered great looking web pages

- Jeremy Garner-Howe
Nirosha is a rare breed of creative developers

Nirosha is a rare breed of creative developers that got the creative talent and artistic capability naturally integrated to his way of life. His creative work at Navantis for the projects he worked and the video editing work for the company events were so wonderfully received. He produced the creative designs for Elections Ontario ASP.NET web applications and also provided SharePoint 2007 branding for some of the public facing SharePoint web applications. It was just easy to go back and forth and make the needed adjustments to the UI work with him. His ability to produce creative work while working with the development tools and technologies is truly commendable. Nirosha is such a sociable person that is very popular among his team members and it is always fun to have him around.

- Sanjeewa Jayasinghe
Nirosha is a very talented, extremely creative and practical UI specialist

Nirosha is a very talented, extremely creative and practical UI specialist. His vast experience and creativity in this field has led to many successful projects and pursuits. In addition to being very dedicated, technical and focused, he is a down to earth fantastic person to work with and is always livening things up at the work place. A great asset to any organization. I wish him all the very best.

- Sampath Mahavithana
Nirosha is a very capable UX designer.

I worked with him for a brief period of time while I was at Navantis; his ability to visualize use expectations are phenomenal! He also is a great team member who goes along with everyone.

- Sujaai Chamila Udukumbura
Nirosha is excellent UI designer with a great creative mind and has a great skill set behind him.

Nirosha is excellent UI designer with a great creative mind and has a great skill set behind him. His ability to learn new technologies (like Silverlight) and implement them in actual project is exceptional. I have worked with him in several projects including Microsoft Canada and he always delivered the best and kept the client happy.

- Hasitha Chinthaka
The Best UI developer I have worked with

I have worked with Many UI developers in the past but Nirosha takes the top. Absolutely he is the best UI developer I have worked without a doubt. He extremely understands the technology and adjust his code so that the developers can very easily ingrate with the UI branding. His knowledge in the technology keeps him at the top and he is a very good designer too.

- Dana Batagoda